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02 September 2014


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I had the same conversation with Ava who just entered Middle School, except with her the questions start days before and never stop. Over, and over, and over. Should I bring my backpack the first day? No. Why? Because you don't need it and then you don't have to worry about the locker combination. Okay, but should I bring my backpack on the first day?

Four days into 6th grade and she is surviving the locker (after she figured out she was trying to open her neighbor's locker for 5 minutes), a schedule change (repeat the above scenario with different questions and answers) and one missed bus home. Despite all of that, she too stayed alive!


Oh, dear. The dreaded why-won't-this-locker-open-oh-wait-it's-the-wrong-one. (Tell her that later it happens with cars in large parking lots.)

I had to laugh because I could hear your voice, Carrie, as you explained and reexplained again. Did you mention to her about going to the wrong class and then having to leave to find the right one? I told my two that that happens to EVERYONE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH so... you know, no worries. ;-)

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