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03 September 2012


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Ugh, I'm having as much, if not more, trouble as you. I'll stay tuned for some tips from others.


We have been going through the same thing in different places, Liz. (And to think our girls started out together!) I'll let you know if I hear any words of wisdom that aren't posted here. Every little bit helps, doesn't it? Drop off went okay this morning, let's see what the rest of the week brings. ;-)


How's week three? I've stopped crying at the drop off every day. It's crazy to think back to that liittle preschool and see how the paths have grown.


This is our second week and it's going "okay." The whole high school thing is still a little stressful for her. Like you, I'm doing better, too.

However, I didn't get any helpful chestnuts from anyone. I just saw more of the same from the parents and friends around here. Lots of sobbing, wringing of hands, and rendering of garments.

Guess we are left to work through it ourselves! *sigh*


This is an intriguing post. My little one will be off to 1st grade next year. Kindergarden this year is going OK. She was in preschool- but that hardly counts. It is still exhausting and I often laugh with friends about the whole, "It will go by so fast..." comment. As I like to say, it doesn't seem to be going by that fast. And I'm exhausted already. (even a car ride today was a non-stop twisting discussion filled with confusing shifts of tone and content...i can't even remember what it all was but it made me realize that when even a car ride is this intensive - no wonder I'm tired all the time.) I can't imagine this one in high school yet. I know, I know it's going to happen. But that will be something...


Mark, the exhaustion will go away and everything won't be as tense after she gets through kindergarten. At least that's been my experience. I found first and second grade absolutely delightful. And "delightful" is sort of a froo-froo word to describe it but it's hard to put into words what a great time that is to parent. Hang in there!

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